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A glowing review from Film Phreak at Even when violence is reached in the progression of THE SUMMER HOUSE’s gripping yarn, no blood is spilled for viewer eyes. This psychothriller is utterly calm and quiet throughout, yet it will tie up your guts like combat boot laces. THE SUMMER […]

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The initial duplicated runs of DER SAMURAI and HORSEHEAD on Blu-ray both sold out so due to popular demand we went back and replicated both films on Blu-ray.  Those are both in stock directly from us right now and will filter out to your favorite retailers in the near future. […]

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From Chelseaa Benwell of The Scream Review, “Check this one out if you can! I’m giving it 5 skulls out of 5 (☠☠☠☠☠) because I was truly blown away by The Treatment. I’m off to get myself the book, now!”

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